A delicate beauty in Epping

My name is Sara and I work for https://charlotteaction.org/epping-escorts Epping escorts. I am one of the more delicate beauties here at Epping escorts. Most of the gents that I date at the agency really appreciate me because of my petite size and delicate features. If you are the sort of gent who would like to join me and enjoy some of my more delicate touches, why don’t you get in touch. I know that many gents do enjoy the company of petites but have a hard time finding us.

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Of course there are some petite specialists in central London, but it is normally very expensive to date petites in central London. If you do feel a craving for some petite action, perhaps you should hook up with me. I am not going to charge you a small fortune to make you happy. Instead I am going to focus on showing you a really good time because I would like you to come back to me.

Now be a good boy and tell me what you enjoy doing on a date. Many of the gents that I meet here at Epping escorts like to enjoy a little bit of role play. I am more than happy to help you with that if you would like, and I have several good games lined up that we can play. Perhaps you would like me to be your naughty little school girl? I am pretty good at that role, and many of the gents that I meet, seem to enjoy my little frilly skirt and pretty blazer.

But that is not the only role that I enjoy playing at Epping escorts. It may seem like a bit of an unusual role to many of my gents but I like to be the playground bully as well. If you like, this is a much more exciting role and you kind of have to be prepared to get stuck in. Sometimes, I like to play a little but round and that really fits in with my playground bully characters. Some gents say that it is the ultimate well to enjoy a little bit of BDSM, and I think that they may be right.

If you would like to play with me at Epping escorts, you need to make some arrangements. First of all I would like to know your name, and then I would like to know where you live. Like all of the other girls at the agency, I work as an outcall girl. That means that I come to see you. If you have not dated an outcall escort before, you may worry about but you have nothing to worry about. I am not going to invade your privacy at all. It is something that a lot of gents worry about. No, I will be like a dream, and once I am gone, you will only be able to smell my sweet scent. Any time when you fancy something small and petite, I would like to have a chance to be your girl.

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