How am I going to deal with this situation?

Yes, I can be a naughty boy at times, and I guess that I am not the perfect husband material. But, I thought that by marrying a girl from a London escorts service, she would be a little bit more tolerant of my ways. Instead the opposite is true. My sexy wife is even less tolerant of me than my ex wife used to be. She even used to put up with me dating the odd girl from cheap escorts in London.I have always had this slight thing about the neighbour’s wife. She has had four children but in despite of that, I find her really sexy. The problem is that she finds me a turn off as well, and every so often we end up having a bit of “get together” as I like to call it. She is really stunning, and super sexy, and would have been a great asset for any cheap escorts in London.

I just adore spending time with her, and I do on occasion pretend that she is some sleep slut from the London escorts service my wife used to work for about a year ago.Her name is Linda, and as far as blow jobs go, she is amazing. She has zero gag reflex so she can get me almost all the way down there if you know what I mean. I love that, and I consider her blow jobs a real treat. Sure, my wife can give me a blow job, but it is not the same.

When I first started to date my wife at the elite London escorts service she worked, I used to pretend that she was Linda. I know that guys who date London escorts have all sorts of funny ideas, but I even bought my wife similar gear to what my neighbour’s wife used to wear.This time I think that I have really done it. My wife is threatening to leave me, and would like to go back to London escorts. She caught me getting a blow job from sexy Linda, and now she is furious. I understand that, but Linda just manages to turn me on. It is a little bit like Nigella Lawson cooking in her kitchen and sticking her fingers in her mouth to taste something. I find that intensely erotic.My wife has not calmed down yet, and I know that she is staying with an old friends from London escorts. I dread to think what kind of plans they are hatching. Can I afford another divorce? I really could not handle another divorce, and I could not afford it neither.

It would be better if my wife and I could have a conservation about what happened. I would suggest that we move away from the area, and try to start all over again. Yes, I do regret what happened, but I was just over taken by the heat of the moment as they say. They say that men are the weaker sex, and I am pretty sure that I have proven that to be true time and time again.

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