I have obsession about snakes

If you were to ask me what my favorite animal on this planet is, I would have to tell you that it is snakes. I have always loved snakes, and I have my Python boy called Oscar. He is really handsome. Before I joined Eton escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/eton-escorts, I used to be a stripper and the sexy Oscar always worked with me. I think that Oscar enjoyed the limelight as much as I did, and he still loves to be the center of my world.


I would never dream of leaving my living Oscar out of my life. My Oscar has two lovely homes and when I go into Eton escorts in the afternoon, he almost always comes with me. If he is sleeping after a large meal, I let him sleep and try not to disturb him. You see, Oscar loves bunnies, and I buy him a couple of bunnies every week to keep him happy. I know that they are cute, but Oscar is also very hungry and I would not dream of Oscar going hungry.


What do my dates at Eton Escorts think about my friend Oscar? Some gents who visit me are rather fascinated by him, but I will admit that does not apply to all of the gents. Others look at him and think that he looks scary. When someone says that they are scared of him, I bring him out of his tank to come and say hello. He seems to love that, and is such a good ambassador for all snakes. Surely,  nobody can remain frighten of snakes after having met my Oscar.


If I had the time, I would try to find another snake to keep Oscar and me company. But then again, I would worry that Oscar would get jealous. As it stands, Oscar gets all of the attention and seems to love it. Every night after I have had my shower when I finish my shift at Eton escorts, I let Oscar crawl allover my body. He is all nice and warm, and it feels really good having him near me.


What do the other girls at Eton escorts think about it? Some of the girls are happy to play with Oscar, but that is not true of all of the girls. But one girl, Myna, loves him as much as I do, and when I go on holiday, he always goes to stay with Myna. She loves to look after him, and I know they even enjoy having a bath together. When it all comes down to it, my little Oscar is a very happy snake and he just loves to have fun with us girls at the escort agency in Eton. If you would like to come to meet e an Oscar, just let me know. It could be that Oscar will really like you. When he likes you, he likes to show his appreciation by crawling over your hot body. He is so lovely that you just have to come and meet him.

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