My friend made me a bet that cost me a lot of fortune – Tottenham Court Road escorts


He and I agreed that we would pay the person who gets married first a large amount of money and he won our bet. Even if it cost me a lot of money I’m happy for him because he finally found the girl that he has been looking for a long time, I never thought that he would beat me in our bet because at that time he had no one in his life.


But it turned out that he was fortunate to find a girl that was right for him very fast. He made a lot of fun at me since I was always bragging him that I’m the first who will get married. All of my friends laughed at me at their wedding. But after all the fun and games I can’t help but wonder if I’m ever going to have the luck to find the right person in my life. My friend got so lucky with her woman because she is an Outcall Escorts in Tottenham Court Road like She is only twenty-four years old when my friend met her. She is not only young but also a lovely lady.


She quit her job as a Tottenham Court Road Escorts to be exclusive with the man she loved. A girl like that I’m sure is tough to come by. There are only a few girls like that, and I’m sure that they are all taken. I’m beginning to lose all hope in finding the right lady for me after several months of trying to date several women. And then I realized that maybe I should try my luck in booking Tottenham Court Road Escorts. Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to pick a girl that is very beautiful young and have a lovely personality. But to my disappointment, I never had connected deeply with any one of them.


Though most of the escorts I booked was a terrific person, they did not show any interest in being in a relationship with me. One of the women that I have been with told me that she still has a lot of dreams and aspirations that she still was determined to fulfill and marrying a person would only hinder her ability to do that. Which I completely understand. Young girls don’t typically look for any serious relationships because they are always busy chasing their dreams. In the past I was like that, I had no time for love. All I had in mind was my education and my future career. But I think I did it the wrong way I should have set aside enough time for women in my life.

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