Do Cheap London Escorts Fall In Love With Clients?

Since I have been working for London escorts agencies right across London, I have learned what you may call “tricks of the trade”. Most girls who join cheap London escorts try to work out ways in which they can make the most out of their careers. I guess that is true for any profession, and that it is not only London escorts who try to be career savvy as it were. Sure, you can be clever about it, and try to make the most out of the opportunity London escorts offer you.

One thing that I learned very quickly was how to spot the guys who would become regulars. Sure, one of the dates is fine, but what can make or break your London escorts career, is the number of regulars that you pick up along the way. The same guys coming back to see you time and time again, are you going to be your bread and butter. It is a way of guaranteeing your income and that is what all London escorts thrive on when it comes down to it.

How do you spot a regular? Regular London escorts dates often are often guys who live locally. They may be a little bit emotionally needy. For instance, a lot of nerds tend to enjoy dating London escorts. I find that men who are nerdy are very insecure and often do not relate to women very well. They are easy to look after and easy to please. Once you have made a friend of one, he normally keeps on coming back to you. I don’t know if it goes for all London escorts, but personally I rather like nerds. They are nice and fun to be around.

One-off dates can be a problem. The guys who only want to date you once can take up a lot of your time, be a bit pushy, and never come back again. More often than not they don’t leave tips and just take you for granted. I have never had any of my regulars take me for granted and I have always really enjoyed their company. Most London escorts feel the same way as I do and we all really like our regular dates and gentlemen who get in touch with us every week.

What about businessmen? Well, the funny thing is that businessmen like to date regular London escorts. I think that most of the time, they tell their colleagues and associates that we are their girlfriends. At first, I did not think that I would like business dating but now I love it. It is kind of a social experience and I get a real kick out of it. I am sure most other London escorts feel the same way. I have a lot of businessmen in my dating diary and I really like most of them. They are fun and very generous. You can say that they are my favourite regulars.

So the question is can cheap London escorts really fall in love with the regulars.

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