The Attraction between women

Men is among the most over-analyzed and misunderstood phenomenon around.  To a fantastic extent this is clear since there are lots of components at play. West Midland escorts of say that if a man and a woman have sex, the attraction between them is completely polarized and all-encompassing.  When sex is really at its finest, the attraction is so strong that all else disappears.  All ideas evaporate and also the understanding of time appears to disintegrate.

Attraction is undoubtedly at a premium as the man fully embodies and engages in the function of The Masculine and the girl surrenders to the majesty of the female.  At its core, there is a natural attraction between men and women, and that is most evident when men and women are resting in their natural essence of masculine and feminine during the act of sex.  Above and beyond social price and physical look there’s an energetic attraction between the sexes that can be tuned into at any time once we embrace our organic energetic frequencies of Masculine and Feminine. West Midland escorts say that in order to understand this completely, examine the roles man and girl play during the act of sex.  The function of the man is to penetrate the woman with direction and purpose.  The role of the woman would be to open up to, welcome and get the man.  These roles truly represent the essence of Masculine and feminine, and what it is that’s attractive about these lively frequencies.  When a person acts with direction and purpose he becomes intensely focused and present, he moves throughout the world with clarity and precision.  His very character is polarizing, enjoyable and attractive to women.   Her very essence is enough to ignite a man’s masculine fire and draw him in.  In your heart, when you drop back into your naturalness, you tune to your naturally attractive energetic frequency.  The issue is obviously, that too a lot people have become diverted and disengaged from this naturalness.  Men have often become jaded from the planet and its complexities, and no more move with any purpose or direction.  Women have often become hurt emotionally, and made to become defensive and protective rather than open and receptive.

Let yourself be excited and empowered by women and their Feminine beauty, and use that power to induce one to act with purpose and direction unwaveringly.  Permit your indecision to evaporate in the wake of your direction and purpose. West Midland escorts found out that a good practice for a guy would be to approach one or two attractive women every day and say the way he feels about her.   For ladies, you have to realign yourself with your normal sense of openness and receptivity.  Take some time from daily to admit and accept guys and their Masculine character.  In doing so you’ll end up getting more and more receptive and open to masculine energy.  A fantastic practice for women would be to devote some time each day acknowledging and accepting all of the guys they encounter, if it be a builder in the side of the street, and older man in a bus stop or a handsome barman.  Through this practice your natural ability to become open and receptive, and so glowing and attractive, will become improved.   At this point your dating life will, to a great extent, treat itself.


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