Some men have a nipple fetish – London escorts

You know how you say that some men have a nipple fetish. Well, my boyfriend certainly does and does not seem to be able to get enough of my nipples. He works for a male charlotte London escorts service in central London of, and I know that he is fascinated by boobs. He is great when we go shopping for bras and always gets the design and the shape right. I have a feeling it is something he has learned from taking ladies he has met at London escorts shopping.


I don’t have a problem with his boob fascination. He does have a sensual touch and sensitive side to him, and I suppose that is why so many ladies like to date him at London escorts. When he comes home from London escorts, he can be a bit of a monster, and his boob fascination comes out of the play. Sucking my nipples is one of his favorite past times. Sometimes he sucks my nipples so much that he makes them sore. It is his way of expressing his orgasm and satisfaction. He finds a different fulfillment once there is a suction beyond expectation. He feels thrilled and magnanimous towards the kind of encounter. There could never be great than having such nipple fetishes.


As I work as a lingerie model, I do have to look after assets as they were. Having bruised nipples will not look that great on camera when you are modeling the latest bra. I always ask him to be careful, but he seems to be over-excited when he has done the night shift at London escorts. He comes home, and I have even woken up with him kissing my nipples. His boob attacks worry me as sometimes my nipples leak when he has sucked them. I know that the nipple is a gland, so that can indeed happen. It is strange where this nipple fascination has come from, and I wonder if it has something to do with all of the ladies he meets at London escorts.


Luckily for him, I liked having my nipple played. Over the years, I have built up a nice little collection of nipple rings and clamps. I love it, and my boyfriend seems to appreciate my weird toys. The only thing that I don’t understand that he tells his friends at London escorts about my nipple toys. I am not sure what is his colleagues at charlotte London escorts think about me. Could it be that they think I am a bit of a kinky girl?


Okay, I don’t care what his friends think about my sex toys and nipple toys, but I care that he is a bit brutal with my nipples from time to time. Retraining my charlotte London escorts man has not been very easy, and it seems to be an ongoing task. I love him, so it is one thing that I am happy to continue to do. These days, I think it is rather him who has hot me well trained. I seem to find it hard to achieve an orgasm without having my nipples pinched or sucked. Could it be that we are perfectly suited? I am honestly beginning to think that we both are fascinated by nipples as play friends when it comes to sex.

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