I have been dating this girl who works for London escorts for a while now

Her name is Roxy and is one of the sexiest girls that I have ever met. I thought it would worry me that she works for an escort service in London, but it does not worry me. To me, it seems that she is a professional girl and I cannot say that she takes her work home with her at all. When she comes, she lives for me only and I am happy with that. Roxy is perhaps one of the most stunning girls that I have ever met, and I can understand why she ended up working for London escorts. Her legs are really long and she has the most amazing figure all over. When I am out with my Roxy. I can feel heads turning and I love it. I think that a lot of guys would really get a kick out of that sort of experience. It really does make you feel on top of the world and I get turned on by it. We have a really great relationship. Okay, Roxy does work really long hours at London escorts, so I make sure that I look after her a bit when she is home. We focus on doing this that we both like and we often end up spending a lot of time outside. As we are both very sporty, it means that we have lot of interests in common and that is important. I am sure that it is one the reasons the relationship works so well for both of us. The only problem is that my best friend is really envious of my sex girlfriend. He does not actually know that Roxy works for London escorts. Instead I have told him that she works as a model. With looks like her, you can easily mistake Roxy for a model. As a matter of fact, she does do some erotic modelling and I don’t have the problem with that neither. I really do like my best friend but I cannot understand why he has such a hang up about Roxy. My best friend and I used to be really close before I met Roxy. We spent lots of time together doing stuff like having a fried breakfast on a Saturday morning and going out jogging. All of that has changed since I met Roxy. I do spend time with him, but when Roxy has time off from London escorts, I like to spend time with her. Knowing how to handle this situation is not easy at all. I love Roxy and there is no way that I am going to give her up. It is a shame that my friend is jealous but I think that he is just going to have to learn how to live with that. Maybe he could try to find himself his won sexy girlfriend to spend time with.

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