Finding petite escorts in London is not that easy

About 10 years ago it was easy to find petite escorts in London, but now it can be really difficult. Lots of gents write into to us here at the Agency and ask us to find them a hot petite or two. Most of the time, we have to say that we are sorry and that we can’t help. However, we have recently come across Hendon escorts from Thankfully this is one agency that likes to stand out from the crowd, and the girls at Hendon to provide gents with a petite service.

Hendon escorts have two full time petite escorts who have been with the agency for a year now. The girls are actually twin sisters, so this can make dating the girls even more exciting. The girls don’t do duo dating, however, it is said that they can be a bit naughty at times. They do have the tendency to swap shifts, so a gent will never know which sister he will get. One of the sisters is a really good girl whilst the other sister is said to be a bit of a naughty girl. You never know which one you are going to get….

Carl is a gent who uses Hendon escorts a lot, and like to indulge his passion for petite dating. I love the girls, he says, but I don’t know which one the good one is suppose to be, he laughs, to me they are both naughty but one is a bit naughtier than the other, he says. I have met the girls quite a few times, but I still can’t tell them apart. The voices are identical and they have the same hair cuts. I really do struggle on occasions.

Thomas is another gent who enjoys the company of the two hot petite escorts from Hendon escorts. What do you mean one is good, he laughs, I know that it says that on the web site, but I don’t think that is right. They are just both really naughty and I do enjoy dating them. I don’t know which girl I am seeing but I don’t really care, he smiles, I have fun on all of my dates with the girls. If you are into dating petites the girls are the best and hottest petite escorts in London, and you should give them a whirl, says Thomas.

It sounds like Hendon escorts is the agency to make a date with if you wold like to date hot petites. However, the agency offers so much more than hot petites. Stop by their new and hot updated web site, and you will find that the agency offers a lot more hot talent. If, you are all about having some serious adult fun on a date, this is probably one of the best agencies in London. Maybe you are just in the mood for some normal hot action, in that case the agency has some real beauties to offer you as well.

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