My Attractive Container List

start to talk about my hot pail list. But, it is true, I have got this pail list of hot things and places that I want to go to. On top of the list is making love in a few of the poshest hotels on the planet. The only hotel I have been able to tick off up until now is the Burj Arab in Dubai. I went there on a high-end health spa break with a couple of the other ladies from London escorts of As I make certain you can picture, we had a remarkable time.

On the second spot on my attractive pail list, you will find using lingerie from the most expensive underwear designers in the world. Sure, a lot of my London escorts are great to me and buy me some lovely lingerie, but there are still a couple of lingerie treats I would like to enjoy. Did you understand Givenchy have their own range of lingerie? At the moment I am saving up all of my ideas from London escorts so that I can travel over to Paris and purchase some Givenchy lingerie just for me.

Number 3 spot is all dedicated to cars and trucks. I enjoy vehicles and I have got this rather old Porsche I like to drive around in. That does not suggest that I do not have ambitions when it concerns cars and trucks. Some of the men I meet at London escorts are actually rather impressed by my knowledge of vehicles, and I need to confess I have a thing about making love in vehicles. My aspiration automobile to make love would have to an Aston Martin. I have satisfied a couple of guys at London escorts who have got Astons however up until now no luck … I likewise have this rather weird peculiarity about having sex in a light home. To me, light homes are really romantic, Just think of the number of years light homes have actually been watching out at sea. I discover that a real turn on and I would enjoy to have the chance to have sex in one. The other girls at London escorts giggle at the concept but I must admit that I take it seriously, light homes really do turn me on.

Recently I added a new thing to my container list. It sought having actually dated a pilot at London escorts. He really turned me on and I enjoyed the method he discuss air travel. I simply had to ask him if the rumours were true about there being a mile high club. Instead of providing me a direct answer he just smiled and blushed. I have a feeling that the rumours of there being a secret mile high club hold true. Now that would be something else, and I would enjoy it. So, now you will find the mile high club contributed to my hot pail list. Can you think of anything else that I could possible add?

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